Welcome to the City of North Tonawanda


Assessor’s Office 

Flora D. Carozzolo, Assessor
City Hall, 216 Payne Avenue
North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Phone: 716-695-8597 or 695-8000 Ext. 3
FAX: 716-505-2132


Normal Working Hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST Monday through Friday
May 28, 2013 to August 30, 2013  8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST Monday through Friday


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July 1, 2013  2013 Final Assessment Rolls

Part 1   Part 2

May 1, 2013 Tentative Assessment Rolls:

Part 1     Part 2

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 Barbara Klenke           Real Property Appraiser                     Barbarakle@northtonawanda.org

 Kathy Morgan             Assessor Information Clerk                 Kathymor@northtonawanda.org

 Janet Lynch                Clerk Typist P/T




Tax Mapping Information – Niagara County GIS


            Glossary of Terms

            Important Assessment Calendar Dates (select Municipal Summary)

            Municipal Profiles of Cities/Towns


          North Tonawanda Tax Rates per thousand of assessment

          2013/2014 School Tax Rate          21.462785

          2013/2014 Library Tax Rate             1.075876

                            Total                                                         $22.538661

          2014 County Tax Rate                      8.234878

          2014 Refuse District                          0.081418

                            Total                                                         $8.316296

          2014 City Tax Rate                                                    $13.040605


          Combined Tax Rate per thousand . . . . . .                 $43.895562



Downloadable PDF Exemption Forms and Instructions:

Basic STAR    

Enhanced STAR

Low Income Senior

E-STAR authorization for income verification

Renewal Application for Low Income Senior

Renewal Application for Enhanced STAR


Cold War Veteran

Disability – home   

Disability -Person   

 Home Improvement

 Business Investment


First Time Homebuyer 

 Non-Profit Mandatory

 Non-Profit Permissive

 Non-Profit a/b Use

Non-Profit Sch A

Commercial to Commercial/Residential

Request to Combine Lots

Request for a Property Review



Grievance and Small Claims Assessment Review

Grievance Form

Grievance Instructions

Board of Assessment Review

New Residential Review forms 2014

New Commercial Review forms 2014

Small Claims Form